Moving again.

It’s a quiet early Sunday morning and I’m sitting in the executive  club at Chicago airport watching the planes refuel amidst a white cloud of snow, ice and steam. The sun has just risen and the air  tipped pink for just a short time but now all is white and grey, beautiful in the extreme if I don’t have to go out in it.
I probably could have had another hours sleep, but I was uncertain of the drive here and the lines at the airport.
A luck has it the snow had melted on the road and all was dark, bare and silent at we traveled in with no restrictions.  The only life seemed to be people getting out of cars at the airport. The whistles of the traffic guards and sounding horns, and lots of steam.
I was whisked through all the processes of checking in and security with alarming speed and now I’m struggling to stay awake.


The event over the past few days was a remarkable success. Participants attended from all over the USA  and it’s the beginning of many events such as this.
The students attended four classes using  Janome super machines as their tools of trade, 2 dinners, a movie with hot chocolate and special Chicago popcorn, Quilt Bingo and each guest room was a suite. 3 days of  luxury, leisure and quilting, in the middle of winter, what more could you ask for. Now I have 3 days to relax in the sun and work on my book and future projects.
I have video to edit, film to take a little book writing and illustrating. 
My friend Carolyn who is the  captor of creativity for me, send me this lovely video today, and I thought I would share it because you all love fabric. 
I love the way they capture the hands and faces.

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