Bonnet House – Inspiration


the base of the fountain at Bonnet House.

I worked out how to catch the sun trolley today. The air was crisp and the sky clear blue and I felt the need to be creative with a little photography. 

The local sun trolley is fun, I have an app, it shows where the trolley is on the map, you put out your hand and it stops and picks you up…. a fabulous service.

I visited the Bonnet House. The home of artists  Frederic Clay Bartlett and  Evelyn Fortune Lilly, they continued to use the home as a winter residence until his death in 1953 and hers in 1997. She deeded the property in 1983 to the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation, which maintains the property as a historic house museum called the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens.

I had heard the house was full of eclectic art pieces and the setting and history were part of a wonderful story of creative  souls. I was not disappointed.
There was a color pallet the made you just want to smile. Blue, yellow, the green of foliage
and madder red.

In a way it reminded me of the house of Frida Kahlo, but unlike her house there is a calmness about the Bonnet House that makes you just want to sit a while.

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