The Soul of the Quilter

Its not quite the end of the day, but I have 3 days to write, draw and photograph now before the next class.
This tour is titled  the ‘Soul of the Quilter’
What do those words mean.

soul |sōl|
1 the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.

Many of our quilts appear to be immortal. 

My favorite quilts at home have been bought from Antique shops in the USA. I’m lucky enough to  have about 20 of them and I use them all, or I’ve given them to my children to use.
For years I’ve wondered who made them?

Most of them are hand pieced and quilted. 

Who’s dress is in that block in the corner?

What was the circumstance of them being made? 

How long did they take to make?

I wonder if this lady looks down on me as my family and I sleep under creations. To me, she is immortal through her quilts?

That’s definitely the “Soul of the Quilter”

a person’s moral or emotional nature or sense of identity

Indeed it is.

We quilters put our heart and soul into creating a quilt. Every quilt I’ve made is an extension of me as a person.

When asked if I ever sell my quilts, I equate it to selling my soul.

My hands touched the fabric, my heart captured the spirit and the head created the illusion.

 emotional or intellectual energy or intensity, esp. as revealed in a work of art.

Yes, you all know just how much emotional energy is spent as you sit day after day at the sewing machine or as the needle and thread is guided by your hand down through the fabric and out the other side binding it all together with a rhythmic  movement.
For me my soul was eased  just a little as I worked through the creation of a quilt of memories when our Daughter Liseby was dying from cancer.
That Quilt was also draped over the coffin of our Son Darrin when he passed away after a car accident.
The hours of work, the tears of anger and frustration and  the heart wrenching sadness are stitched by thread into the fabric of anguish and became something beautiful for us to hold.

The Soul of the Quilter.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I liked this post Pam. I’ve always felt that a quilt absorbs our thoughts, dreams, excitement , silent prayers and energy while we work on them. The stitches hold all these in place. A quilt gives us comfort while we work on them, they distract us when we need a break, allowing us to channel stress away from us and use it in a constructive way.Allowing us to express ourselves. I can’t say how a gifted quilt helps the recipient, but I must think that these positive energies, prayers and thoughts in the quilts must be a comforting, inspiring and hopeful vessel.

  2. Pam Holland says:

    Suzanne, thanks,

  3. Cathy Bertanzetti says:

    Your thoughts on the comfort of your quilt being on your daughter and son’s caskets touched me deeply. I worked on a quilt when our daughter was deployed the first time to Afghanistan. She had asked me to make one for her. I desperately needed something to work my anxieties and fears out. She has recently deployed again. I asked her if her dad and I could use the quilt on our bed while she was gone. She said of course, you can use my “hard quilt”. I asked her why she named it that, then I just understood. Of course she may as we’ll said “heart quilt”. I suppose I don’t really have to know the answer,

    1. Pam says:

      Cathy, thanks so much for your comments. There is something about a quilt to remind you of those emotional and special moments.
      Sometimes though I just don’t want to get that quilt out and look at it… its there when I need it.
      But others are comforting and I just the smell and feel of them bring me happiness.

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