Soul of the Quilter event.


This is a painting I purchased on Thursday in Haiti.

The fan is spinning quietly above the bed and it’s a pleasant  change from the air-conditioning I dislike so much.
Next to my desk the iPad is downloading maps of California for my trip from San francisco to Modesto in a few days. 
To the right of me is the turquoise blue of the swimming pool. Its overcast and it seems strange that people are swimming.
I arrived in Orlando just after noon today. The alarm shrilled at  5.00 am and I  jumped out of bed to ready for breakfast at 5.30. 
I wondered why I was the lone person wandering the passages of the ship. We had already docked, but the restaurant was dark and foreboding. Nobody there. 
Oh well, I decided to go back and watch the news until the official opening time of 6.00 am. I’m sure it said it was open at 5.30.
Disembarking is made easy with an efficient crew directing every step.
I had paid for a shuttle to pick me up at 7.30 from the port, but the driver rang me and said “I’ll meet you at Denny’s” No honey, the port…. it seems he had his directions incorrect and I had to hop in a taxi, give the driver my phone and the shuttle driver directed him to Denny’s ($25 extra ride) thank possum.
Thats the sort of thing you just can’t fuss about… you just get on with it.


Everyone arrived in Ft Lauderdale the night before boarding and we, the Tutors and Staff got to meet and share the excitement of the upcoming event.
Dana Shane Lynch, Pam Holland, Sheila Frampton Cooper, Carol Moellers. We were displaying  our boarding cards with great excitement.

I’ve taught on quite a few cruises, but I was excited I had this gorgeous space just for myself, Husband Keith is normally with me. It was a wonderful Luxury.
The ship, was luxurious and the staff all want you to come back so the service was amazing. The 60 people in our tour had a fabulous time.
You could choose to sit and sew, and to assist  we had 40 beautiful new Janome’s on board and there were  classes with four Tutors. In reality the cost of attending classes on land would be almost the price of the trip, so join us on  our next event after Houston this year.
Our first stop provided some wonderful images, sun, turquoise water and color, color, color…. will write more tomorrow.

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  1. Love the painting!!! How big is it and was it really the only one you bought?? I think I would have bought more – so colourful and don’t we just love that colour.

  2. Maggie Szafranski says:

    Pam, I can’t find the link to get the pattern. HELP!
    Maggie from the cruise!

    1. Pam says:

      It will be up in a few days…. Maggie and all, working on it right now.

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