5 days since I wrote the blog.

I’m slacking, its five days since I wrote my blog. I don’t think I’ve missed doing a blog for more than a day for a long time.
But forgive me, life has been rather hectic and I’ve had a lot of preparation to do.
I didn’t even get to catch up on the last part of our cruise blog. However, $12,500 was raised for Libby.  
A stirling effort. Thanks to Jim West for organizing and implementing it  and I for one was thrilled to be involved as were the other Tutors who donated their time.
Now this is a different venue and very exciting.
A Quilting seminar with 100’s of participants. It runs like a well oiled machine. In this picture below,  the seats are empty and the expectation was great.
Just a few hours later the seats are full, the atmosphere is exciting and the participants are enjoying every minute.
The Auditorium in the Modesto conference centre is huge, it’s a familiar sight with grey floors, dark walls, high ceilings and bright spotlights. 

100’s of people, note books in hand are listening to the inspiring Ricky Tims as a 20 foot screen high in the air beams forth the techniques he is discussing. 
There is an occasional cough, a few seat shufflers. Everyone is concentrating on what Ricky is demonstrating. 
I see a group of women wearing Mennonite bonnets, ladies and men in casual clothes, their jackets have been discarded and hanging ready on the back of seats for a winter onslaught outside and not one cell phone has rung.
How may hours have they all been sitting there and their attention is still being held after 20 hours of inspiration and instruction.
I’m amazed and in awe.
There are stacks of beautiful hand dyed fabrics, books, notions, threads and Bernina sewing machines. What more could one ask for.

Sadly I missed Ricky’s concert last night. I really had to sleep to be ready for today, but the word is that it was fabulous.

We auctioned a small quilt of mine and raised another $400, thank you so much and another kind lady gave us a donation because she missed out on the quilt !!!!

I’ve loved this experience, I’ve learned so much, I’ve met the most wonderful people and signed hundreds of books and autographs.

There is not better experience than sharing your ideas with like minded people.

We wound down this evening with a delicious Mexican meal. Thank you, thank you.

How lucky am I.

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  1. Marilee says:

    I was the lucky one…in the front row. You WOWed me with your quilts and your talks. We never knew you had just stepped off a boat and flew across the country. Love your energy and your talent.

  2. Eileen Keaen says:

    Pam, I think it’s wonderful that you’ve signed on to help Ricky and Alex at this time. I’ve been to 2 Super Seminars so I know the pace you had to maintain.
    Will you be doing more of them?

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