An afternoon walk in the rain in San Francisco – my inspiraton was color

My hotel affords me a wonderful view over a rainy San Francisco. 
I spent the afternoon walking in the rain, observing interesting characters and I enjoyed a delicious Indian lunch at Amber Restaurant. It was a great find and I highly recommend it.
Some of the dishes are new to me and I savoured  the  exotic flavors.

I met a man walking around with a bible open on his head. I thought it was a bit o a strange way to shelter from the rain, the pages, flipped back and forth….now what on earth did he think he was achieving.

I saw crowds lined up to buy a delicious morsel  at  the Golden Gate Bakery, supposedly they have the best custard tarts in the world so I guess I need to try them tomorrow.
I found cooked ducks hanging by their necks, their skin shiny and crisp.

I photographed wonderful graffiti walls, I had to use my point and shoot but tomorrow I hope I can bring out the big camera.

Its nice to have a day off life has been a bit hectic lately.

So today my inspiration was ‘color’ I know I missed a lot but I loved what I saw.

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