Vintage Quilts, Quotes and Good Friends.

I’m back in the place I love most in the USA, my home away from home in New Mexico.
I have a  little time to wind down, relax, catch up with friends and to be honest, I just love this place. Its pure magic to me.
This is the view from the house, the stunning Sacramento  Mountains. The city is situated  in a huge basin and on the other rim are the huge Organ Mountains. Unlike where I live in South Australia, the elevation is almost 4000 feet and the air is crisp and dry. The skies are huge and I often just sit outside and watch the clouds, they are so beautiful.
This is the land of cowboy boots and hats, guns on hips, country music and green chili cheeseburgers. I didn’t get the camera out fast enough to capture a grey pickup truck with deer antlers on the roof as it drove past today.
Its winter and the nights are freezing, literally, freezing, it was -2 when I arrived a day ago, but today the temperature rose to the 80’s during the day and tomorrow will be the same.
How lucky am I?
The images above are of the trees and mesquite, bare branches, silhouetting against  the sky. 
Legend states that when the mesquite begins to bud, the freeze is over so its almost about time.
Yesterday I spent time catching up with my wonderful Quilt Festival organizers and we began to plan our next event in June. We’ve raised $50,000 in the past 4 years…. need to make it $70,000 this year.
I have designed some very exciting projects for you all, so  stay tuned. 
Today was one of our ‘grab it’ days. Capture it with both hands and savor every minute. 
First of all I rectified my internet woes and I now have fast internet which allows me to write to you all.   Hallelujah.
Our Country Kitchen is where we began our day. Of course we can do breakfast at home, but at least one visit to this great Restaurant is a must during my stay.
This was the sign today.
“we have a bacon, tomato, and cheddar cheese omelet served with your choice of potato and your choice of toast or biscuit and gravy for only 4.99”
Washed down with mugs of coffee, it was yum, but Lisa and I have decided we could share just one meal between us. At $4.99 its a steal and yes, I topped it off with spicy salsa.
There are always tables of regulars who go there every day for breakfast, the atmosphere is wonderful, cowboy hats and boots are the general attire.

I wanted to share this gorgeous tin ceiling. Wouldn’t it make a great quilting pattern.
It was in one of the shops we visited today. “Victoria” We visited  with the owner, Alice, and the shop owners in down town are all working with us  to decorate with a quilt theme when our event is running. We, and they are really excited. 
It took us 4 hours to visit just a few shops. Simply because we found antique quilts to buy in one shop and we met the most wonderful people in others who were just delightful to visit with.
This is one quilt we left behind at Vintage Etcetera (amongst others) made from feed sacks, filled with raw cotton and entirely hand made. Its in really good condition.
And this is another one. Bow tie, same vintage, same candy pink and probably same maker if it came from
Ha, but this one didn’t get away. I’ll wash it tomorrow and photograph it correctly, its just gorgeous. (Its mine folk, sorry)  Made from feed sacks, entirely hand pieces and quilted and the batting is raw cotton, a little thicker than those above.
The quilt has never been used, has green and white stripe backing and is just delightful, I love it.
We found many more and I will share others with you tomorrow… but now its the end of a fabulous day spent with my  buddy. 


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  1. Mary says:

    Welcome back to New Mexico Pam!
    We so appreciate all that you do for our community- and look forward to the inspiration you bring with you.
    Hope to see you in June!

    1. pam says:

      Thanks Mary. New classes this year.

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