My new Kantha Quilts.

Holiday monday today and I’m catching up  on a few weeks of ’emails to answer’ 

Tomorrow I will  focus on a few quilts I loved at the Quilt Show we went to yesterday in Las Cruses, but today I wanted to share the Kantha quilts I purchased recently.

It was so nice, we began the day with a family breakfast of eggs, bacon, home made biscuits and gravy.         So different to home, but much appreciated.
Work on the road never ceases,  today I have information to send to France and Belgium, a huge questionnaire to answer as a nominee of “teacher of the year” 
Planning for Mexico,  business letters to go over  and classes to design…. wooow. 
The panic begins to rise.
However, I have a few things I’d like to share. 

Kantha is still the most popular form of embroidery practiced by rural women in some parts of India and Bengal. The traditional form of Kantha embroidery was done with soft dhotis and saris, with a simple running stitch along the edges. Depending on the use of the finished product they were known as Lepkantha or Sujni Kantha.

The embroidered cloth has many uses including women’s shawls and covers for mirrors, boxes, and pillows. In the best examples, the entire cloth is covered with running stitches, employing beautiful motifs of flowers, animals birds and geometrical shapes, as well as themes from everyday activities. The stitching on the cloth gives it a slight wrinkled, wavy effect. 
The origin of Kantha traces its history to a period not less than a thousand years. 

I was able to purchase a few of these quilts recently and they will be on display at our next event in Alamogordo in June.
They are old, and heavily quilted. They have been repaired and added to for sale, but I think that gives them a lot of character.
I have a number of them at home in Australia.  They are functional art pieces, well I consider them as art.  I use them as runners at the base of the bed,  as wall decorations and on several of my settees, they make funcional  bases and look terrific.
I marvel at the way they are constructed. Some are more intensely stitched than others and some are recycled and you can see the previous quilt popping through the new top fabric.
There is something special about the naivety of the these textiles and I just love them.

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  2. Nikky says:

    The colours looking beautiful and lively! I would also suggest you to have a look at some of the best handpicked kanthas from Summer of Flowers. Thank you for the post!

  3. I wish you all good luck for your coming blogs and posts.

  4. Hey that was great to read. Thanks for the great post .Loved every part of it.

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