Asilomar – The Experience.

Its been raining most of the day, its almost 9 pm and time to relax. 
The wind is gusting around my windows and then it relaxes with a sigh, only to whip up again. The door rattles and the leaves skip around on the path outside the windows.
I don’t know why but I  feel like I’m in a famous five  adventure in my rustic wooden guest room. Its probably the dark wooden paneling and the heavy old door scuffed and  full of character.


Asilomar Conference grounds are huge. It is situated by the Ocean and the smell of pine and sea is tantalizing. You can hear the waves roaring at times, and you might just view a deer and her young as they pass by your window.
There are probably 200 delegates and 10 Tutors and being here is an adventure in its self.

If you chose, you could sit by the fire on old leather lounges, play the piano or even play billiards. It is indeed unique.
I need to walk along the beach again tomorrow if the weather permits.
Some days are sunny and warm, others grey and ominous.
We are indeed lucky to have a fabulous classroom with glass walls and a fireplace on one side. The light is wonderful and when I returned from dinner I was surprised, yet pleased to see the place lit up like a store window as most of the ladies continued to work. I’m impressed by their stick ability. (thats the best work I can find for it)
We have a day and a half left and most people will finish their projects.
For me its just pure joy.
What a wonderful way to spend a week.

This is the wonderful work of Rhonda Bracey. Just fabulous.


Rhonda bought a packet of Tim Tams (Aussie biscuits) for each person in class and a koala pin… it was a lovely gesture.


Rhonda shared the delicate technique of sipping coffee through the end of a Tim Tam, a very culture pastime in Australia.


Amy’s Aunt.

To have 5 days in which to create an image is pure luxury.

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  1. Suzanneyerks says:

    Looks like a fabulous time. Why do the down unders have to come to the US to take your classes. Is it that your not home long enough to have classes down there vs in some other country? All I can say is you are worth every mile! Rhonda’s work is spectacular. She and I are in a yahoo group together and her quilting is just as fine.

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