How to draw on the iPad, instruction blog.

I’m trying to type with just my left hand…and it’s really difficult, so the blog has been a bit slow to produce over the past 5 days.
I was able to illustrate on the iPad today as we travelled but it was a little difficult in the back of the bus. The roads are about as bumpy as an alligators back. We bumped and jumped for almost 4 hours….
However, I couldn’t waste the time we had driving, so I managed a couple of illustrations.


Paint pots at the Talavera factory in Dolores Hildalgo.

The first illustration below is a drawing in the iPad, its drawn as if I was using a paint brush and then I put it in a photo paint program.
The second two are photos painted  and changed quite drastically to capture the a particular color I want.

How do I do it?
I did the first painting  in an app called brushes.
Then changed it with a program called Paintmee.
The video below demonstrates the app.

In all honesty, I’ve never made a quilt using this app, but its a tool for future use. I have a huge bank of illustrations stored in the computer ready to go. The first one could be a background image for a quilt. 
The third one began as the image below.

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