A miracle from the peanut seller.

For the past week I have been suffering with a very painful injury to my arm.
I think I damaged it lifting and moving 100 lb in my two cases. I manipulate the two with my right arm and the hand luggage with the left and think I’m quite self sufficient and clever doing that…. but I sure came unstuck this week.
It was like I had toothache in the hand and arm and the pain seemed to be coming from the tendon or muscle in the centre of my hand.
I was unable to use my thumb and sleep was hard to come by.
We have two nurses on the tour and we purchased a bandage and the support helped… simply because it was immobile.
They were diligently watching that I didn’t use my hand and reminded me so in no uncertain terms if I did.
My Friend Yoli, a resident of San Miguel Allende took me to the healer who had helped her husband when he had a bad ankle.
She lives in a small shop front house. 
The room had a couple of settees that had seated a 1000 behinds and we were joined by about a dozen white doves in a cage, a few other birds, the grandhildren and her children and the souls of the entire family looking down from their homes on the wall behind picture frames. 
She had the most wonderful smile and she did a little praying over my hand and arm and then massaged the offending muscle, moving up the arm. 
It probably took 15 minutes or so.
Then it was bandaged up again, more praying and murmuring and I was done. 100 pesos $7.50.
It felt better, but she told me to use only my left hand for the next 2 days and all will be well.

Two days later, I was still in pain I tried not to show it  to the group, but I had to give in and go to the  ER.  X-rays showed no broken bones, the tendon is  stretched was the diagnosis and the Dr looked like a film star, so I figured it was worth the $100 I had to pay.
I was prescribed strong painkillers and anti inflammatories, Yoli, bless her  bought me a cute brace because the elastic bandage kept falling off and I thought finally it would begin  to recover.
Not so, it was still painful and I was beginning to panic.  it was aching like a toothache, from my fingers to the shoulders. !!!!
The next day I went  to the market with friends and while I was there I walked past a young man selling peanuts.
“Do you have a bad arm” he said. “Yes, I sprained the tendon” I replied.
“Can I look at it” he said.
A little taken back but  I agreed
“Take off the splint” he said and he began to work on the pressure points of my arm.
“This will take a few minutes” he said.
I felt a bit strange having my hand held by a young man in the market, but what the heck.
About 5 minutes later, he said. “Oh, there it is, I found it.”
Fortunately I had a witness who will agree with all I’ve said because my hand and wrist was free of pain for the first time in a week. 
I couldn’t believe it. I’m still going to take the pills and I will be careful but I have no pain at all.
A day went past and I felt I needed to go back to the market and thank him, but when I got to the spot he usually takes, he wasn’t there.

That was yesterday and the rest of the tour left San Miguel Allende and I was alone.

I had this feeling that I needed to go and thank him. I wanted to tell him how much it meant to me to be free of pain.
So after the friends left on the bus I was feeling sad that I was on my own. I took off down the cobblestone streets to see if I could find him again.
For some reason I was nervous, I put 100 pesos in my pocket so I wouldn’t fumble and when I got the his stall he was there.
I hesitated and stood back for a minute, then I decided to take the plunge and thank him. 
He looked at me strangely as I approached… maybe all middle age Anglo women look the same. 
I held out the 100 pesos.
“Thankyou, my arm is better”
Suddenly a smile came over his face and he gave a shrug of his shoulders and a thumbs up.
Thank you Mr Peanut man.
And as you can see he has angel wings on his chest.

The Peanut seller.

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  1. Carolyn Foley says:

    How do you find them? You must put out these invisible vibes that attract just the people you need. Glad the arm is better.

  2. Suzanne says:

    The muscles of the hand are a complicated thing I know. Still recovering from two hand surgeries. The first 10/30 and the second 1/14. I am so glad you found the ” miracle man”.
    Continue to rest it, in a week or so gently stretch the muscles and massage your palm after you’ve applied heat for about 10 -15 minutes. Definitely see an orthopedic Dr.

  3. Wonderful to see your work at the “Show and Tell” on Saturday. So glad you found the peanut seller. One must be open to experiences and people as you so obviously are. Have a wonderful remainder of your trip. Carolyn

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