Teach the children to quilt.

Artists in the modern world: be gift givers. Once you shift your thinking from “transaction” to “gift”, it opens up a new way of engaging with your peers and customers. 

I saw this quote today. We have a lot to learn about giving.


Sunrise Elementary School students from Chaparral stitch wall hangings from a pattern designed by Pam Holland, an international sewing instructor from Australia. “She was very impressed with their work and the program and graciously donated seven brand new Brother Sewing Machines for the students to use,” said Frances Campbell, with Las Colcheras Quilt Guild of Las Cruces, who hold an after-school sewing program for the students. Last summer, the students displayed their work at the Festival of Quilts show in Alamogordo. (Courtesy photo)

Two times each week, Pat Mauer and Frances Campbell get in the car and travel about 70 miles round-trip to the small town of Chaparral, southeast of Las Cruces.

There, they offer Sunrise Elementary School students the opportunity to share in their life experiences, as well as hone skills in what has increasingly become a dying art not regularly passed down to future generations.
A couple of little success stories.   3 years ago I gave a machine to Bethsiada now 13. She has 3 sisters that have all been in our program. Over Christmas break they made 7 quilts and taught their mother to quilt so she has now made a quilt too using all the fabric left over from the kits they were using.

Another former student Abby now 12,  liked to quilt so much she started a group at her church and now has 15 girls at her church quilting.  They  make quilts to give to an orphanage in Juarez and the Children’s Cancer treatment center in El Paso.  I gave her 2 machines for the girls group and she has 2 machines at her house now so she can quilt at home with her friend. I keep them supplied with notions and fabric.

This is Grandie Tilly with the machine she got for Christmas. 
No, I haven’t taught her to quilt. She designs her own things, then when she’s ready to take the leap from designing to constructing, the lessons will begin. I really don’t want to push her. I want her to learn and be free to create on her own first.

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