My imagination takes a tumble.

When I was a little kid, we had this set of children’s encyclopedias, Arthur Mees. Encyclopedias. They were great big books for small hands,  red leather volumes  filled with everything from fairy tales to songs to the instructions on body parts.

 My favorite volume was “Things to Make and Things to Do.”  It had wonderful illustrations on how to make amazing things out of toilet rolls etc.
However, my projects always looked like toilet rolls and sticky tape not the intended project.
The pages were full of promise and excitement and they had a particular ‘educated’ smell.
I always felt very ‘wise’ reading them.
They told of far off countries, and had photos of  people in places I could only dream of.
I wish I kept them…. (maybe I do still have them somewhere)

It was my version of todays iPad. Full of inspiration and adventure, as each page unfolded.
I think every family had a set of Encyclopedias on their bookshelf.
As we became a more enlightened family we added the Children’s Australian Encyclopedia.
The man who came to the door to sell them to us said that “everyone in the street has bought them’
I still have these and they are so quaint  I  print my illustrations on the pages. !!!!!
But the reason for my post is that the Encyclopedias posed a very different image of Mexico.
As much as I travel I’m still reminded of those images in the encyclopedia. I also admit that at times I have preconceived idea of what a place looks like and when I find my self in a totally different environment than my imagination it’s a little starting.
Monterrey Mexico is just that.

It’s unlike any place I’ve traveled to in Mexico. Larger, urban, sprawling and incredibly beautiful surrounded by towering mountains. Where I’m staying and other areas I’ve visited It feels as if I’m in the expensive areas of Los Angeles.
 My observation of just a few days is that  this is a very cosmopolitan society.
I’ve never seen so many  multinational factories in one place.
Then on the other hand, the pictures above show a very Mexican side but that was because we traveled an hour out of the city  and these images were taken in a small country town just about to celebrate  its  140th Anniversary. There were modern buildings, but I chose to photograph the older cobblestone streets  with character and I can’t remember the name of the town.
The images below portray the color  of the ever present bougainvillea, the boxing ring set up for  the event in the square that evening, the children at the fun fair and their Mums watching carefully and people just sitting in the park enjoying the saturday.
I loved the Mariachi advert on the light pole
I’ve had a great time being with the quilters of Monterrey and I’m looking forward to the next few days with them. Tomorrow is a bit of a get together, a little site seeing and then we have another 2 day class on Monday and Tuesday.
Our day was filled with wonderful things today, but this is about all I can write tonight.
More tomorrow.

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