Grutas de Garcia – the caves

Only 36 km from the city of Monterrey, on the road that connects with the town of Garcia, is a place where the mystery of nature reveals a striking scene. These are the Caves of Garcia, an imposing mineral artwork  that exists thanks to the miracle of thousands of years of creation. To reach the cave is necessary to climb 80 meters high; you can make this journey by cable car or walking by a long narrow sidewalk. 
Grutas de García remained hidden for thousands of years until 1843. Priest Juan Antonio Sobrevilla discovered the caves during a casual excursion through the mountains.
We chose the cable car. However, there were still 800 steps inside the caves to Navigate.
The caves inside look like a rocky desert landscape . From the entrance two different paths emerge descending 105 meters: one is about 2.5 kilometers and has 16 different chambers; the other is 1 kilometer long with 11 chambers. Like most caves these maintain a temperature around 18°C (65°F).
There was even a small chapel with chandeliers in the cave. It was touching to see the small objects left by families or individuals who shared small tokens with the virgin. Some were tossed on the floor from the barriers and some had been pasted on a board.
It was a wonderful experience.

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