Traveling, Teaching and tall tales.

In the past 99 days I traveled a total of 58,321 miles, slept in 24 beds in 6 different countries and carried 135 lbs of luggage with me. (more on some occasions)
I met 1000’s of wonderful people and in doing so I shared my ideas and passions on Textile Art.
Thank you one and all.
And I do it all again in 3 weeks. This time it’s a round the world tour. 
Tonight I’m in sit still and contemplate mode and listening to Lent at Ephesus, Benedictines of St Mary as I write this post.

It’s 7 days since I’ve written a blog.
Last week I was at the end of a 3 month tour and I was concentrating hard on giving my students the best that I could and to be honest I just ran out of steam at the end of the day.
I still have more images to put up of the Australasian Quilt Festival but it can wait a few more days.
When I’m in  teaching mode, it occupies my body and soul and  tasks other than food, work and sleep take second place.
My arrival home was joyful and has been filled with a round of social activities and spending time with the Grandies and family.
AND of course setting up my re-vamped studio.
Goodness I’ve been home 4 days already!!!!!

The floor decoration will take some time… but it will be done soon.

Each time I travel I collect textiles. Its been my joy today to put the last of my acquisitions on display in the studio.
There is a psyche that kicks in as you travel.
I’m one of those card carrying people, country visa’s, hotel and fight premium cards and loyalty programs. 
 My cases, are styled for damage prevention, my hand luggage has been tested, refined and tested again, over and over again. However, I’ve not managed to prevent damage to a ligament in my hand which is still giving me grief.
I still carry 15 lbs of camera equipment on my back around airports and other travel venues.
When I’m home, I prepare for the next trip and do the round of Dr’s and Dentists…. 
Uggg I hate that. Its concentrated physical maintenance.


Grandies Lily, Oliver and Oscar doing the squeeze.

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  1. Nola says:

    Welcome home Pam and thank you for showing us your revamped studio. Enjoy the time with the family. Hugs.

  2. Keep up with your good work.

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