A day in the life of a quilt designer.

4.30. The eyes open and the heart beats a little faster as the day ahead passes through the mind like a flash.

Its clear, colored and I rarely achieve all that I set out to do but its good to have a starting point.

It's raining, not cold just wet. wet. wet.

I lay there thinking. "So much to do and so little time, shall I go back to sleep"  Nup.



I'm lucky… I can spring out of bed and hit the floor running.

5.00 am in the studio and I procrastinate on answering emails. I have a phobia  of making phone calls  and emails are not much different, it stems from my "Painfully shy days"

make a note on my calendar and force myself to make the call before the end of the day.

I'll check the  orders. I know they have to be done. I have to check, check and double check.

5.30 am stop mucking around and quilt. I quilt for an hour on a project.

6.30 am, breakfast, and coffee will do the trick.

7.00 am. Check the latest air flights…. YES,  confirmed now I can play with the hotel bookings.

Book a hotel in Singapore.

8.30 Drop husband to work and then dash to the shops some 12 kms away to buy that last piece of sky fabric for the project in hand today.

9.30, begin the quilt, ignore the computer despite urgent things that need to be attended to.

Get out the pattern. I designed it when I was on the road a few weeks ago.


What does this mean?

It means the big skies, mountains and clouds in Alamagordo New Mexico and its for our up coming event at the Southern New Mexico Festival of quilts.




I want to capture the mountains and pine trees, love the lizards,  and the pecan trees that give shade during a hot summer.

The fabric used for the mountains was purchased in Dubai at an Indian shop. Its fine indian cotton, it cost about $1.20 a meter and its just beautiful to use and to illustrate on. The colors are pure and the fabric is almost sheer, but it sure works.

The kokopelli is hand drawn and colored on white fabric. I've laid a layer of purple and then orange as a border to the appliqué.



Of course the kokopelli has to be in there and the colors you see everyday in New Mexico and the train line by the house.!!!!

Stop for an hour or so to have a technician look at my computer.

Then  another stop to go to the dentist to be told I have a problem and need X-rays.

Cook dinner and eat on my own because husband is at a meeting.

Finish the quilt top in between the disruptions

8.30 And put Miss Tidy cleans up ready for a fresh start tomorrow.



Tomorrow I'll quilt it, write the pattern and finally send it off the  gals in Alamogordo. This will be one of our classes.

What will you learn?

Well, lets be honest you won't finish the quilt in a day, but like me you can complete the top.

You won't have to go to the dentist, cook dinner and do the shopping in class.

This quilt would look wonderful in wool felt but I didn't have any in the stash.

You will learn how to put the things that are important to you into a quilt and tie the ideas all together.

You will learn how to create your own fabric, how to color it and when to use purchased patterns.

You will learn color balance and design.

You will have fun, I assure you.



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  1. Ida Copeland says:

    So glad to hear from you! When will you be in Michigan again??
    Love seeing your new designs.

    1. Pam Holland says:

      In June Ida. great to hear from you

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