Month: May 2014

It’s a celebration

"I'm  an ordinary person, just a teacher who wants to inspire, learn as I travel and capture the spirit and uniqueness of all I see and the people I meet. It's a celebration of my creativity" My days of  engaging  in this way is  limited, or should I say taking a different direction and I'm thankful for the opportunity of just "doing what I'm doing" I say 'just' not in the moral sense, but in the most simplistic sense because what I do is simple, subtle  and straight forward in my mind. Visiting the galleries and Museums in the past few days, being inspired by the beauty of a Cathedral or the grandeur of a beautiful garden and sharing them with my friends is an honor and a celebration of the above. Yesterday we visited the New Forest for one such amazing experience. The New Forest was created as a royal forest by William I in about 1079 for the royal hunt, mainly of deer.  It was created at the expense of more than 20 small hamlets  and isolated farmsteads:  hence …

Winchester Cathedral and beyond.

The sun made an appearance late in the afternoon yesterday and the landscape was transformed from grey to great… The greens are iridescent, the  sun filters through the wet leaves and is captured like diamonds in the rain drops hanging from every  solid surface. I'm in Romsey, about 100 kms from London towards the South Coast of England. It was a delightful adventure getting here. I booked my train ticket on line the day before and I just had to pick it up at Waterloo Station in the morning. Everything I needed for a couple of nights was packed in my hand luggage (even a bottle of wine, and a book for Gay) and the hotel organized a taxi to take me to Waterloo.  The driver and I chatted like old friends for the 20 minutes of the drive and I alighted having enjoyed meeting him and capturing the moments. I was an hour early but I had given myself plenty of time to find the gate and do a little people watching. I enjoyed …

Ancient Quilted garments.

I can't share all the photos of images I took yesterday, over 500 in fact. Each one will be catalogued in my computer.  I'll print them into my own inspirational book for reference and I will have an amazing study. I captured images hewn from marble, beautiful printed fabrics, breathtaking embroideries and other images…. just because I can. I thought you might like to see this wonderful quilted doublet and breeches, 1630 – 1640. I wonder if our quilted pieces will last as long. After spending the day at the Victoria and Albert Museum. I captured a few other images as I walked down to Harrods. Such was the day.!!!!  

Creating a quilt.

I liked this color palette and so I played around with the computer and created an appliqué quilt in similar colors. I've given it a modern twist but the colors are similar. It looks as if it would be difficult to make, but I have a technique to make it simply!!!!! Enhanced by thread it would look super. Take the pattern in the vase and translate it to a quilting design in pale blue…. woooow fabulous. This applique becomes this quilt. Or maybe this one. Its been interesting creatingg these images. Will I make the quilts, maybe not, but I've worked it all through and I can see them in my mind…. wish I had more time.

Textiles at the British Museum

I did find some interesting textiles at the Museum and thought you might like to see them. These pots are stunning, it appears as if they are broken porcelain covered with digitally printed fabric and stitched back into place. How amazing, stunning is the word. I stood for ages studying this wonderful garment. Hand appliquéd  Linen. And an Indian panel with distinctive illustrative images.

The perils of research for this quilter.

  The Bayeux Tapestry, my passion, my joy and my Mt Everest.   Here in London I’m doing a little climbing again right now. Yesterdays tour was to view part of Windsor Castle that was build by William the Conqueror and today was to attend the Viking exhibition at the British Museum.   I wrote an entire blog on Windsor Castle yesterday and then lost it when I added some extra details. So here I go with the next journey!!!     I had to work out how to catch the underground and get to the British  Museum. It wasn’t much of a problem, but half way there I remembered I hadn’t changed the batteries on my camera. 37% left the indicator stated. Oh well push on. So juggling the umbrella, cameras and bag, I wound up at the Museum.  Its huge and there was a constant stream of people walking through the gates. Entering the building was just as confusing 100s of people were milling around on the ground floor. I noticed there was …

London another adventure.

It’s 4.30 am at home so I can’t talk to the troops. I won’t stay awake too much longer so I will have to try and visit tomorrow morning my time.   I’ve been away from home for 12 days and it seems like a lifetime, but I have another 80 days to go and I do admit, it takes a bit of staminar.  After a very slow start with the internet at my new hotel, they kindly gave me an internet extension port and now I’m able to send photos and my scribe quite quickly so that helps with communication. As you can imagine it was really difficult to get internet on the ship, its very  slow and costs a fortune. Tower Bridge, a view from my hotel.