The next portrait – illustrated.

This quilt is featuring images of people I've photographed in several different countries.

Old lady 3

Taken in India, Mexico and  Thailand. The images provoke emotion that I hope will force people to stand and look, stand and wonder, stand and imagine. Understand. Question and act.

This part of the quilt is illustrated with pigment ink as opposed to the heavily thread painted image of the young boy.

The time will flow through famine from childhood, colorful, full of hope and promise to black and white and fading and not quite complete. Middle age, and elderly and the hunger still remains.

Nothing has changed through the decades.


The quilt is on my favorite fabric, Shadowplay by Maywood.

I like it because I can draw on it like a piece of paper…. No, probably better than on paper because of the way the ink reacts on the waft and the weft.

I'm using 3 types of pens.


Faber Castell, by Pitt because it has a short fine point. Fabrico by Tsukineko for its broad fine brush and Unipin, by Mitsubishi, this is the pen I use for all of my  fabric illustration.

Sometimes I use a small amount of pencil, I have a set of grey and black Lyra pencils. For the shading in the teeth, they were less harsh.

The face is defined and her shawl is just a shadow.




Tomorrow I hope to finish the rest of the illustration on the quilt. The put it all together.


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