I need a coffee.

I've been quilting for 15 hours today, there was no time for housework or to even cook dinner so it was take away round the table tonight and I must say I enjoyed the company and the food for that short amount of time.

I have satellite TV  here in the studio so I learned a lot as I watched and worked.

I argued with Dr Phil, but he didn't answer me
 and Dr Oz showed  how to perform the Heimlich maneuver on yourself it you are choking. That was amazing.

Oh my goodness I watched a program called the Real Housewives of Melbourne. They are so rude and embarrassing, but I still needed to watch it and I watched an amazing documentary on the flight of birds where the cameras were actually on the birds. 

I wish I could think of the week ahead but I can't get my head around it right now.

Each day I deal with  enquiries for extra curricular activities but they just have to be put to the side for another day.

I need a coffee, and I'm winding down by writing the blog.



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