A day of inspiration in Singapore.

Pick up your camera and see.

I was wondering if I was going to be able to get out and photograph, because the  day began with a huge thunderstorm. Then again I had time to relax and catch up on computer business.

I caught the local bus from my hotel to Chinatown. It took about half an hour and I carefully made a note of where I got on… (could I remember at the end of the day)

My first photos were of a group of men playing a board game and the people surrounding them.

Sman 5


Sman 1

S man 3

S man 2

The story as I saw it.

There was a small covered area on the fringe of  the market. Groups of men sat playing board games or just relaxing. The conversational noise was a low hum with an occasional shout from an excited participant.  Onlookers were  intense in their gaze. One man, rolled himself into a ball and slept on the chair, a feat of contortion. I wasn't the only person fascinated. An artist and I both felt an urge to capture the form. We acknowledged each other with a nod and a smile. I took photos and he put pen to paper.

I find it exciting to capture images like this in a continuous photo journal. I use the images for my fabric art. They sit in the computer until one day…. "I just need these"

I took a number of photo journals today.

Buildings, People, chopsticks and lanterns.

S window 1

The colors of the buildings were amazing. I've been here many times and I  don't remember them being this vibrant. This is the new 'old' chinatown.


Streets have been covered, forming large dining arcades, the buildings appear to have been left in tact and re-painted  and there is a wonderful atmosphere of  festivity and vibrancy.

Many of the streets join and a market is the common area.

I walked almost 8 miles, just enjoying the ambience.

I did stop for lunch.  Oysters omelette Singapore style.

What's the signature dish of the Hokkien people, the oyster omelette? All over the Min-language speaking regions, this dish continues to be eaten no matter where the Min people land up.

I'm not a real oyster fan, but I thought I would give it a try and it was delicious. The red sauce is like a sweet, sour sauce.


I found a spa and indulged in an arm reflexology massage hoping to repair the damage to my poor luggage arms.

I have added a link to more images of the fabulous buildings.






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  1. Mpkemk says:

    Pam, you don’t think Starbucks is strong enough? I can’t stand the stuff, tastes too burned for me.
    Singapore looks so fascinating; another someday place for me.

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