Travel is a state of mind.

I’m writing this in the confines of my plane seat.


What to do to pass the time?

I drew the first Mexican tile for my travel quilt. I can't put it on fabric until I get on the ship… I don't want to open the work case.!!!!


The movies were fine, but the images were grainy and unpleasant to watch. Its a problem being a photographer. I expect perfection in the images I see.

The stitches in my leg are pulling and I tried to elevate it but it still hurt, so, darn it, get out the computer and work and forget about it.



We’re flying over the ocean, past Indonesia and then on to Singapore, the blue of the sea is a color I  would love to reproduce.

 I’m reminded of the young domestic assistant in South Africa, who quietly came up to me at breakfast one day. “Can I ask you a question” she said shyly? “What is it like to fly above the clouds” I was taken back? I just accept that most people fly at some stage in their life, but of course thats not correct.

I tried to explain the images in words and I think I failed. I did, however send her some photos, I don’t know if she ever received them. But I always think of her when I fly above the clouds and I certainly don’t take it for granted.



People are chatting about work, we have just a few hours to go and I’m looking forward to being warm again. The month at home was chilly and I just don’t do cold. 

The project today is to review my lecture on the creation of the Bayeux Tapestry. It's an honor to be able to share my quilt and my passion  in this format.



“The Bayeux Tapestry: The Story-Telling Textile of the Norman Conquest”

Pam Holland, author and artist

Tues. Inbox__101_messages__14_unread_ay, July 22, 6:30 p.m.

An embroidered textile 230 feet long, the Bayeux Tapestry recounts the story of the conquest of England by the Normans in 1066. Professional quilter Pam Holland of Australia has nearly completed a full-scale quilted replica of the Bayeux Tapestry. In the process of her work and research, she has become one of the leading experts on the original piece which is on display in Normandy, France. The replica quilted panel on display in the Magna Carta exhibition is an example of Holland’s work. 

 This is an excerpt from the blurb at the museum.

I have to work on my written genre of the Bayeux as I travel this time. I wish I could do an hour a day, but that doesn't always happen, I have my text books on the ipad and computer so the only excuse for not doing it is time.

As you see this blog was begun on the plane. 

I arrived in Singapore and as I walked out to catch my shuttle I was hit with a wall of heat. OK, I love the heat, but I was beginning to think about my words of excitement about being hot… not quite this hot.

I'm staying at an unfamiliar hotel and when I arrived I began to doubt my choice. Its 4 star, but half the price of the Hilton where I normally stay.

Now, the next day, I'm happier with the choice. I went out for a walk, got some tea and it felt good to stretch the legs.

I've just had a delicious breakfast.
I went to the hotel restaurant and the food was the same as any hotel and $29, so a walk across the road I bought 2 boiled eggs, cheese toast, Kaya and strong Asian coffee (Nan-yang Kopi,) $4.60
Kaya, also called Srikaya or coconut egg jam, is a sweet creamy coconut spread made from coconut milk (also known as santan), duck or chicken eggs which are flavored by pandan leaf and sweetened with sugar. You dip the cheese toast in the Kaya. Yum.

Block no 1.

I've just designed another block in EQ7. It's boring, and I can do much better, but it was a practice piece. 

Now to go out.!!!

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