The trials of travels – or is it just that I’m fussy.


The sun has hit the window and it appears that today is going to be the warmest day of the year. Lucky us.

P1050882The time change left me with a broken sleep. But I did sleep some and I guess I have time to catch up tonight.

This experienced traveler booked a hotel at the airport in Heathrow. "Just walk to your hotel room" the blurb states… but the blurb got it wrong.

The Airport information guide sent me on a trip around the countryside on a bus for half an hour before the hotel that is  NOT inside the airport was located.

I found the bus the guide ushered me to. I had problems with my  luggage trolley, it wanted to go in its own direction so I opted to pay for my ticket on the bus, (which you can do). 

Covering all bases I inquired about having to have coin for the fare.
"no, you don't need the correct change, they have change"

OK, I had 10 pound and the fare was 4 pound fifty. I'm sorted.

The bus came, I got on…..

"No, I don't have change" said the bus driver.

No one else on the bus had change either, we are all tourists. The other bus drivers had no change either.!!!! strange.

OK, so I wasn't going to get off the bus. I had traveled for 22 hours. I'm not standing on the pavement with an errant luggage trolley.

The bus driver shattered into a coughing spell in his consternation and he whipped the bus into a frenzy of wheelies as he maneuvered through the traffic. I saw him looking in the revision mirror to see if his sport had dislodged my wheely luggage, but this gal had hold on them and I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of sprawling on the floor attached to my case.

10 minutes later we arrived at the Hilton and I discovered that the guide had given me the incorrect information.

Back on the bus and another round of fast maneuvers and mutterings from the driver and I was lodged at Terminal four and another bus which took me to the correct Hilton…. no, it's not in the terminal it's a 10 minute walk with no luggage.


I paid a fortune for the convenience of a room at the airport and was ushered to a less than satisfactory room… As a diamond member of Hilton…. The gal should know better, so a complaint on my behalf and I was given a satisfactory room.

Can you tell I'm fussy?


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