Hi Ho, Hi ho, its off to work we go.

Its almost 6.00 am and I've been up for an hour or so… if I see light outside the window, its time to get out of bed.

Nship 2

I've begun this blog three times today. It's not jet-lag, just business. Somehow the gremlins got in and deleted them.  I was racing back and forth to the room and somehow the computer changed.

Jim and I were the first to board the ship yesterday it was wonderful having this big ship all to ourselves for a few minutes. They didn't even ask me about my hidden marmite!!!

It's the same ship I sailed in to the Caribbean and so I know my way around, it handy to be familiar with these darn big Ocean buildings, because thats what it is. A darn big building on water. Its almost 500 steps to the classroom from my cabin, so I'm getting plenty of exercise. Unless you go outside on deck you could be anywhere inside a luxury environment.



I've got a lovely cabin and the I normally leave the door open to the balcony all the time. The steward tidies my bed and  bless him, he closes everything up and I open it again. As my family knows. No curtains or blinds closed in my house.

I'm so lucky to be doing this and I honestly don't take it lightly, I am eternally grateful to my employers who ask me to teach in this environment.

This tour is organized by the English Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

Its quite different to working with my American peers, I met the Teachers yesterday and we're going to have a ball.


Today is the first class, its just a 3 hour lesson on Drapplique and easily achievable in a short time.

The machines are set up and ready, the goodie  bags have been delivered and we are ready to go.


Happy Birthday to Miss Tilly, we had an opportunity to chat yesterday and I caught up with the comings and goings of the family.

Tilly and I had our birthday day out last week, it was lovely… Goodness was it just a week ago.

A week ago  I had my leg surgery. Now the big bandages are off it still looks like a shark bite, and I don't give the Dr  high marks for neatness, but its on my shin, no flesh so she had to do special stitching so it doesn't come undone. 



Tilly 2

Now I have access to my work case I'm drawing the Mexican tiles on fabric. It will take a lot of discipline to complete one a day… but I'm working on it.

So now its time for breakfast, time to get ready for work. Time to put into action the results of all the hours of preparation.

Indeed I have fun.

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