It’s been a funny trip.


Its been  a funny trip, 

 I heard someone ask the staff at the desk today, “What time is the 1:00 o'clock tour?"  The staff politely said 1:00 o’clock madam!!!!

Yesterday I heard someone in the lift say that they had a porthole cabin because they always need to see the port and someone asked how high we are above sea level in the Fjord!!!

 Someone mentioned this a breakfast. "does the ship have its own power generator?" to which the cruise director answered, no, we stretch an extra long extension cord from London to all the ports.”

 Thats not including the people who don’t want an outside cabin because its too cold outside.!!!!



 To be honest its been real interesting. The majority of people on board are English, so the cafe and the pub are  always busy, I guess it's the pub culture in Britain. It's lovely to see everyone out enjoying themselves.

 My Husband Keith will tell you I’m not a good follower being in a tour, or a group walk around because I wander off and don’t pay attention, (I almost got jailed in Russia on a tour to the kremlin)   I’m too busy taking photos or exploring something else. However, I did give in and go on a bus ride today, It was too cold to walk around. I even put those little white ear pieces in my ear and I took them with me when I left so they can’t recycle them. The thought of someone else using them before me fills me with dread.

 It was an interesting ride, but I can’t take photos out the window so I threw caution to the wind and decided on a walk round, my hands went blue and I thought I might drop the camera.

The streets are narrow and cobblestone. The majority of the buildings are white wooden structures however, one street showed a burst of color and I graduated to that.

 I didn’t find info on the Viking ships that I so desperately wanted. The only Viking museum was expensive and touristy. 

 The buildings were fascinating, a little different to the other towns we’ve been in, it's so neat its like a movie set.

 We leave Norway tonight and travel back to Southampton then I’m going to visit the Queen on my way up to London and have 4 nights there.

 Thats where I will see my Viking ships, in London, there is a huge exhibition on at the British Museum. Lucky for me.

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  1. Hi Pammy,
    The best Viking ship information is at the museum in Roslikde in Denmark. They have a number of ships that they have raised and reconstructed and they also have ongoing research projects in collaboration with various universities in Scandinavia. Whilst I was there I spoke to a researcher who was reconstructing how they wove and water proofed the sails. I think that work has already been published. Also, they built a replica of one of the boats and sailed it to Dublin using all the traditional sailing tools that the Vikings would have used. I looked over the boat when it was in Dublin and spoke with the a sailor about the trip. One of their main sources of information in their reconstructions was the Bayeax tapestery. Do you want me to send you my links for this info.

  2. Pam says:

    Yes please Carolyn, I have to lift my game on my research now.
    Thank you, it sounds fascinating.

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