The perils of research for this quilter.


The Bayeux Tapestry, my passion, my joy and my Mt Everest.



Here in London I’m doing a little climbing again right now.

Yesterdays tour was to view part of Windsor Castle that was build by William the Conqueror and today was to attend the Viking exhibition at the British Museum.


I wrote an entire blog on Windsor Castle yesterday and then lost it when I added some extra details. So here I go with the next journey!!!



I had to work out how to catch the underground and get to the British  Museum. It wasn’t much of a problem, but half way there I remembered I hadn’t changed the batteries on my camera. 37% left the indicator stated. Oh well push on.

So juggling the umbrella, cameras and bag, I wound up at the Museum. 

LBritish Museum

Its huge and there was a constant stream of people walking through the gates. Entering the building was just as confusing 100s of people were milling around on the ground floor. I noticed there was a ticket line for the Viking exhibition and when I got to the counter I was told it was almost sold out and that I could buy a ticket for 3.20.

Lbritish Museum 9

  Lbritish Museum12

Done. I figured I could go back to the hotel, 2 trains and 30 minutes and replace the battery.

  L british museum 12




I arrived back at the Museum around 1.30 after photographing interesting things I had seen on the way.  I tried to see some of the exhibitions but to be honest the crowds were enormous, I’ve never experienced anything like it and I just had to get out and breath fresh air.

Lbritish Museum 10

I was run down by 3 tour groups who were not English and they just went right over the top of me. Indignant at their inability to stop in the face of a lady in green  with a camera I admit to pushing back a little.


I ended up just waiting for my turn to see the exhibition. It was no different in there, it was almost impossible to get close to the exhibits, but I focused on the things I had created in my quilt.

Shields, axes, chain mail and then of course the huge Viking ship.

 It as worth the angst, worth the trouble and worth the travel. I have wonderful images in my mind (not the camera) No photos they said…… so much for new battery.

 Oh well, put it down to experience. I have seen some of the original articles  I had read about and studied. We don’t have many Viking shields in Australia. !!!!


The train ride back was just as crowded, but I pretended I was a local and hopped on and off with style.


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  1. You might have more luck in Ireland. The museums are less crowded and they might let you do some photography.

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