It’s a celebration

"I'm  an ordinary person, just a teacher who wants to inspire, learn as I travel and capture the spirit and uniqueness of all I see and the people I meet. It's a celebration of my creativity"

My days of  engaging  in this way is  limited, or should I say taking a different direction and I'm thankful for the opportunity of just "doing what I'm doing"

I say 'just' not in the moral sense, but in the most simplistic sense because what I do is simple, subtle  and straight forward in my mind.

Visiting the galleries and Museums in the past few days, being inspired by the beauty of a Cathedral or the grandeur of a beautiful garden and sharing them with my friends is an honor and a celebration of the above.

Yesterday we visited the New Forest for one such amazing experience.

The New Forest was created as a royal forest by William I in about 1079 for the royal hunt, mainly of deer.  It was created at the expense of more than 20 small hamlets  and isolated farmsteads:  hence it was 'new' in his time as a single compact area.

We drove through marshland and tall stands of trees. Much of what we observed was 'common-land' Horses, donkeys and cows roamed free in the fields and its accepted that they have walking rights on the road and verge.

A bit like my experiences in India with the cows on the road.

Garden donkey

Our visit was to the Exbury Gardens which  is a famous garden in Hampshire. It belongs to a branch of the Rothchild Family and is  situated in the village of Exbury.

The day was overcast but not cold. Interesting for a photographer because the vibrancy of the foliage is not changed by sunlight and harsh shadows.

I share a gallery of images with you for your enjoyment (and mine).



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