Month: June 2014

Southern New Mexico Festival of Quilts.

The blog has had a rest. Slower internet and indeed a lack of time is the main reason. Last week, after 3 wonderful days of R&R in NY, I flew into El Paso to be greeted by my Best Buddy Lisa. I left the green of Ireland and in a few days was transported to the beauty of New Mexico. It's a A total contrast. As I stepped out of the airport the air was hot dry and as welcome as a warm hug.Each day since my arrival, the temperatures have been in the 100s which suits me just fine.   Lisa and I have been friends for many years and indeed it is the foundation for our program in New Mexico. We dreamed of producing an event similar to this and now it has become a reality.  Thank you Miss Lisa.  It's the times we're so crazy, that people think we're high. It's the times we laugh so hard, we can't help but cry. It's all the inside jokes and "remember whens". those are all …

A visit to the City Quilter New York.

Sunshine, the noise of the city, bright orange taxis, my favorite camera store and my sneakers flew down the streets of NY. Destination  - the  City Quilter. It's a lovely store with lots to offer the quilt enthusiast. I was eager to see the fabric designs used in the exhibition in the previous blog. I really wanted to buy some taxi fabric, but it seems its very popular and all gone so sadly I left empty handed. I'll just have to draw my own. The store is large and has a wonderful range of fabrics. Well, worth a visit. However I did visit their Gallery  - click to see the images.   Related articles Quilt Store in NY Challenge the Quilters. 'The Market' Quilt Little and Big Quilts of Love.

The City Quilter Gallery.

Michael Cummings Bright, colorful, brash and provocative at times, Michael Cummins work captures the spirit of Textile art as an ‘Art’ medium.I was moved by his ability to present his interpretations with thread and fabric.These are truly ‘Stories in cloth’.

Goodbye New York

Times Square. Where did that name originate? In 1904 the New York Times lobbied to get the formerly "Longacre Square" renamed to Times Square after the NY Times building that was there. They celebrated the name change with a large New Year's Eve celebration — and a tradition was born.  It's a unique place. Exciting, colorful, happy things happen, and I'm sure there is also another side.  For instance, I feel sad that grown men and women have to put on bizarre costumes and be photographed to earn a dollar. Some of them are downright nasty behind the masks. I guess they forget that they have a voice under their disguise.   Then there is the guy who plays the guitar in his underwear, now joined by girls in skimpy bikinis and a guitar for a prop.  This is the second trip that I have encountered a woman of advanced age attempting to do the same thing, bare breasted and in a bikini it's not a pretty sight. I was going to suggest she takes …

Quilts at Grand Central Station.

I found out that there was a quilt exhibition at Grand Central Station. Images at this site Of course I decided to take a look. I've never been to Grand Central station before so it was a surprise when I finally got there and was able to walk the arcades. It is really beautiful. Long Marble corridors and chandeliers. This is the description. "The New York Transit Museum’s newest exhibition will honor Grand Central Terminal’s grandeur not in marble, but in textiles. Last year, The City Quilter, a Manhattan-based fabric store, partnered with American Patchwork & Quilting for a national quilt-making contest of landmark proportions. Thirty finalists from that competition will be displayed at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store at Grand Central Terminal from March 15 to July 6 in the vibrant new exhibition, Grand Central Centennial Quilts." I thought I had captured the names of all the makers but some of the photos disappeared. Sorry.   Related articles Quilting Store Contest Is Part Of Fabric Of Grand Central's Centennial Grand …

Grand Central Centennial Quilts.

Forgive me for not editing all of these photos, it takes such a long time and I figure you could work them out for yourselves.I have added the images taken with my large camera and then the names of the makers have been unedited and place on file. Oh, I thought I had all the names… sorry. I thought the  exhibition was well done Today I will go to the Quilt Shop to find the fabric Patricia Porter Kim Gimblette Laura Laslett Phyllis Campbell Karen Morrison K Vellis Turan Julie Quigley

I found Fabric in New York.

  I have added a gallery of photos on this site. I wrote a long blog this morning and left it to the to add photos in another format and when I returned it was gone !!!! Grrr. So here I go again. People have mixed feelings about New York. Some of my friends on FB have stated their dislike, but I adore it. I love the hectic pace, I love the mix of people, the smells of food cooking on the street, the yellow taxis, the markets and shopping and the parks in summer. I  remember the first time I came here, it was over 15 years ago. My Travel Agent booked me a room that was off 5th Avenue and about the size of a cubby house. I would get to the front door and take a leap onto the bed it was so small. I laughed every time I did it.  At that time I had a heel spur and I was in so much pain, but I refused to give in …

Avoca Woolen Mills.

Goodness, its been 3 days since I had a chance to sit at the computer and write.Yesterday we visited the Avoca Woolen Mills. I’ve been there a number of times before, and this is the place I need to buy things from to take home.I love the colors, designs and everything about their products.Set in the village of Avoca where BallykissAngel was filmed the mill is  a hub for textile, gardening and food enthusiasts.Last year I bought the family rugs and had them sent home. My personal Mohair one is used everyday when I’m home.As for the socks…. woooow, love them all. See more images of Avoca Avoca Hand weavers is a clothing manufacturing, retail and food business in Ireland started in Avoca, County Wicklow. it is the oldest working woolen mill in Ireland and one of the world’s oldest manufacturing companies. It is also Ireland’s oldest surviving business.The mill on the banks of the fast-flowing River Avoca survives from at least 1723. Travel to and from the remote village was difficult and a barter system was used. The …