Drawing, Dreaming and designing a quilt.

It's not hard to be inspired by travel, however, its difficult to find the time and inclination to put all the ideas into a format for future reference.

I use a mac, and I use a storage app that captures the information I want to keep. Its called Wunderlist. but I know there are many others.

Of course my photos are the main inspiration.

Temporary Poster

And they are stored in my computer. From the photos I create designs, and sometimes whimsical illustrations which become quilt.


On a recent visit to Winchester Cathedral I photographed the floor tiles. These gorgeous 13th century floor tiles, their rich colors still glowing, form part of the largest surviving spread of medieval decorated floor tiles inside any building in England. You can see the tiles where they were first laid, and even walk on them, in the Retrochoir at the far end of the Cathedral.

Romsey tiles

My friend created this block by sun dying the image onto fabric and then stitching the blocks, it looked wonderful.




So I took this pattern and created a block. It's not quite the same, however, its similar.

Winchester block

The colors are not the same of course and when I created the quilt, I realized that I needed to change the drawing. I need to make the block so that the third circle creates a full circle.

This image is created by drawing 0ne quarter of the block and then joining them together to create the circles.




Winchester 2

So I will change the block and add the original colors

Winchester 3

Winchester 5

I've also changed the position of the third circle so it creates a full circle. The fabrics I used in this quilt is Stonhenge by Northcott


However, this is my favorite design.

Add a sashing and its even more interesting. The blocks are 6," so combined they make a 12" block. 

Westminster 6

Earlier in the week I did a couple more quilts inspired by a garment in the British Museum.

Lbritish museum 2


Museum 2

And this one from the V&A. with the inspiration coming from a Palampore from India.


Within a few weeks I have a number of designs and ideas and that doesn't include the illustrations in mu sketch book.

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