The tiles of Christ Church in Dublin.

As requested I’ve added a library of photos of the tiles in Christ Church Dublin.
They are rather hard to photograph due to low light and the reflection of light on the tiles. If I had my fancy flash with me I cold have done better, but they give you an idea of the wonderful patterns presented.

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  1. Lundy Wilder says:

    So glad to have stumbled upon your travel photos of tile. What exuberant colors and patterns ! Looking at the photos closely it appears that some sort of modern shiny topical coating has been applied to them. I say this because I notice that recessed crumbly looking crevices appear to have the same sheen as raised areas. It would be interesting to talk to the maintenance dept and see why they did this and what product they used. I suppose it was done for assistance in keeping them clean but it sure results in a plastic-y top coat look. Weird.
    Hope the rest of your trip is wonderful and we’ll ck back for more photos. Quilters and tile designers have much in common :o) Best wishes, Lundy

    1. Pam says:

      Hi Lundy, glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Eileen Keane says:

    Pam, it’s so hard to wrap my brain around the fact that all these tiles are in one building! Imagine the time and effort of those craftsmen.

  3. Lyn Warner says:

    I love that first photo. It looks like stained glass. What a wonderful feast for the eyes! I see some great patchwork inspiration there too.

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