The morning came around far too fast.
Is it really daylight? Yes, indeed it is. 
Exhausted, I fell back to sleep  and woke a short time later having dreamed a ridiculous dream that stayed with me all day!
I was hoping for sunshine, but no, it was still raining and the light wasn’t going to be good for photography or the expensive camera, so the small one was prepared.
8.30 came and a group of horse and carriages arrived to take us on a journey (in the rain)
It was a lot of fun, we laughed all the way, the driver, was a dab hand at creating the laughter with slick well rehearsed jokes but it was still funny.
The following images are of that hour and a half trip and then the trip down into the Dingle peninsular.
Fortunately for us the weather improved  and we were privy to some spectacular visions.

As you can tell, these were shot from inside the bus!!!
I was captured by our bus driver practicing with my big camera. Gees I have to stop grinning like that.
The beaches and the Ocean were amazing. Turquoise, blue, white and black all in the same
How lucky were we. I know I keep saying that and its old hat, but so many of my peers are not physically able to see this right now… in a way I wonder why I get to be so lucky? So I’m grabbing this with both hands and sharing as much as I can.

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  1. Rachel Beh K Lang says:

    You are reaping what you have sewn thus far Pam – your great talent plus hard work, it is just and fair that you are being rewarded to enjoy what you are doing now; and thank you for being our ‘windows to the world’ on this fabulous site of yours with images to die for all the time!
    May god bless you with many many more years to carry on with your great work.

  2. I love Dingle we have friends with a farm there. Their family have been on that farm since their ancestor, a Norman with William, arrive back sometime in 1000BC. Still not quiet Irish after all this time.

  3. Nola says:

    Fabulous photography Pam, and the first one of the seashore, the sea ,the background and the clouds is amazing. Thank you for sharing with us who are unlikely to get there. xx Hugs

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