A day to Remember

I sit here at the desk and I'm simply overwhelmed with all we've seen and done today.

Lisa and I, aka Thelma, attended the Folk Art Market in Santa Fe NM. Since 2004, International Folk Art Market | Santa Fe has hosted more than 700 artists from 87 countries in the world’s largest exhibition and sale of works by master folk artists. The Market offers folk artists a respected spot in the global marketplace to gather together and share their handmade traditions, and to create economic, social, and individual empowerment.

 "We've had many fashion experts shop the market, visionary designers from Donna Karan, Yves Saint Laurent, Anthropologie, and Coach among them," said market founder Judith Espinar. "We keep hearing that the market is a creativity hotspot, a place to exchange ideas and inspire and be inspired for artists, retailers, collectors, and visitors alike."

 This year, more than 160 artists from 62 countries will be selling their work, including includes scarves, jewelry, textiles, basket and host of other art pieces.



The theme color this year is orange and yellow, the spirit of the marigold.  

The flower symbolism associated with marigolds is indicated in the name: Mary's Gold. Marigold flowers were "golden gifts" offered to the Virgin by the poor who could not afford to give actual gold.  Marigolds are symbolic of passion and creativity.

The tents, the stairs, doorways and arches were all festooned in bright tangles of marigolds.It just made your heart leap to see the colors. They are a wonderful companion to the colors of the other textiles.


We arrived at about 10.15 am this morning, the crowds were enormous and the event was completely sold out for the day.


An arch of bright yellow elongated flags let the way to the entrance and the crowds snaked down to the  gateway. 

We decided to go past the crowds and begin at the other end of the event. The sky was bright blue and  you peeked at  it through garlands of marigolds.

Our first stop was to visit with Ya-Lei Chiang, from Taiwan.




Her headpiece was stunningly beautiful.



Beautiful fabrics created by Dayalhal Atmaram Kudecha from India.

Its hard to put into words the beauty of the items were saw, so I'm just going to add a gallery of images for you to share in our adventure in a visionary way.


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