Impressions of travel

Leaving Santa Fe, the hills roll across the landscape,  juniper bushes, small trees in a regular teardrop shape dress the hills and disguise the adobe houses that blend with the landscape.  A railway line accompanies the road on its journey and a milky sky caps the horizon.

The Juniper and pinion pines give way to native pines, the dark green foliage, with a backbone of dark trunks and branches reach for the sky in fine peaks.

 The scenery is a surprise, I was imagining desert, but it's hilly and green for the main part.

We pass small-towns,  and the landscape begins to flatten as we reach the top of the mesa. 


Gold, green with a huge sky that dominates the landscape. The road threads through the fields dividing the landscape.  As we cross the border into Oklahoma, cornfields begin to appear burt only for a short time.

We take the opportunity to eat at  Pizza Hut in Boise City, it was the only place we could find open on this Sunday morning.  We joined the church goers in their suits and conservative dress. 

The TV flashed a weather warning… it was bright red and moving fast across the screen. "Flash flooding"  but where, they forgot to mention that or maybe I missed it!!!

I love these small towns, similar to home they have a personality all their own. We stopped to photograph some of the buildings and take in the interesting scape.










What would it be like to live out here?

Land, sky, silos, road, and power poles connected by filaments of wire and an occasional tree on the horizon. I guess I would really miss visiting the corner coffee cafe. 

We went through the process of what we would do if a tornado appeared. I was going to grab my computer, and put the camera bag over my head in case the car gort turned up side down… I've seen those documentaries.

We both marveled at the way the sun filtered through the clouds and gifted small amounts of gold on the horizon. 

We drove past fields of windmills, it was  a spectacular sight. I only shot out of the window of the car but It would be wonderful to have time to take a series of images.



 The music on my phone was set on shuffle so we had classical music, mixed with country, christmas and a little Peter, Paul and Mary. It all seemed to fit the day.

Both of us have been working all evening, I walked for a few miles and had to pinch myself that I was in the countryside in Kansas.



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