Corn and color.

Having fast internet is a bonus and we spend as much time as we can catching up on 'things that need to be done" at days end.

Hobby Lobby, was our first port of call this morning, then Wally world for supplies. rolls, turkey, hummus and bean dip…. yum. We stopped under a shady tree at the side of the road and ate our feast.

We christened our fancy dishes…


We had another 6 hours of travel today but the scenery was quite different.

There are fields of soy beans and corn as far as the eye can see, occasionally you see an oil well in the middle of the green… rocking back and forward like a big old rocking chair.


The plants appear silver in the light as the sun filters through the rain clouds.


The roads were  fringed by green trees and the corn is as tall as I am. I didn't manage to get a good shot of the corn… but there is always tomorrow.



I love these old building by the railroad track, patchwork iron, I get excited each time I see one. 

The road  ceased to be straight and wound through rolling hills. We've been in sunshine one minute and huge downpours the next. It reminds me of summer in Minnesota, a place very dear to my heart.

As we travel I will document the day on some white leather sneakers… so this is the beginning, the power poles we saw today as they flashed past us. The corn and the rain. Only I know the meaning of the shoes.

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