My visit to the Texas Quilt Museum this evening

I'm going to review the past week in a future blog…. There is so much to share and so little time.

However, I thought I would capture the day in this post.

I woke to the view of a huge thunderstorm this morning, it was quite spectacular to watch  as I lay in bed with the luxury of nothing to  write and no time schedule and just watch the tropical storm develop right before my eyes.

It then spat out its vengeance with the lightening hitting close by and a deafening thunder cap.

I was picked up at 12.00 lunch time and I had a wonderful conversation with my host Marvin all the way to La Grange.



Sunset over the pond tonight.



I'm staying in a beautiful Guest house of my hostess and I have it all to myself which is just wonderful. I got out my portable Bose speaker and cranked up classical music like I do at home and sat down to work just a little.


This evening I had the delight to have dinner with Julie Maffei, Manager of the Texas Quilt Museum.

La grange is a delight small Texas town full of art and inspiration and of course the wonderful Texas Quilt Museum.

Let me share the garden first.


Window 3

Grandmother's Flower garden



Grandmother’s Flower Garden, a period “town” garden typical of  area gardens between 1893

You walk through a wooden gate into the garden and you are immediately engulfed in a fusion of flowers, fragrance and a feeling of peace. It was designed by Mitzi VanSant of The Fragrant Garden.

The area where the garden is now was once the Cozy Theatre, a popular spot to take in the latest motion picture until March 2000, when a fire destroyed it. Seeded over with grass, the property lay vacant until the two buildings next door were acquired and restored to become the home of the Texas Quilt Museum in 2011. To have access to th outer wall of the Museum building to strengthen it, this property was also acquired.

I hope to go back with the big camera and take  some 'fancy' shots.


Window 8

Window 7

Window 6





Take a peak outside through the windows of the Museum



Window 2

view of the town as we back out

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