Designing and planning as I travel.

I use my computer a lot to assist me with the design of a quilt.

I have a number of apps that change my image into a more defined pattern  to create a fabric image. 

For instance, I want to thread paint this picture I took a few days ago. It will be for the  charity auction at Houston. The image is big and graphic and I love the texture and the movement of the opposing lines.


I want the image to convey a painterly effect yet recognizing the Texas heritage.

The image below is created in Sketchmee a drawing program for the mac.


I love this image… but maybe it needs to be traditionally red, white and blue. I think some of the definition in the roof is lost.


I love this too but not for this quilt.I would use fine thread, possibly a silk to do it in this method.


This is a little more defined and would look interesting, but does it have enough impact…. Not quite.




I like the image  too, however, I think I need color, this one could be done using my cheesecloth method.

So I will change apps, this time I will use waterlogue, another app for the mac.




This is it.

This will go into the planning file.

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