The Fannie B. Shaw Prosperity Quilt, Prosperity is Just Around the Corner

Below is a link  to a blog I wrote 3 years ago, and today I managed to visit the museum of Dallas Museum of Art to see the original.

I have 5 hours in the Qantas club in LA, lots of time to think and reflect on the amazing trip I've had…. Trust me I don't take it all for granted. It's exciting, amazing, hard work and an honor to "do what I do"


I absolutely love this quilt.

Of course I love the colors. 

I am captured by the repetition of the background of the blocks… reminiscent of some of Kaffe Fassetts single block quilts.







The black outline stitching on the appliqué is outstanding and quite graphic and the quilting follows the perspective of the walls perfectly.

It's an outstanding piece.

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