Home, planning and plotting.



New fabrics




I've been home just over 48 hours and  my body is beginning to accept the inevitable. Its tired and not in a  USA time zone which is 14 1/2 hours difference from here in Adelaide.

Sleep, eat little, drink water instead of coffee and after 3 days I'm right.  However it takes me a week,  to get back to a normal sleep pattern.

I have to change just about everything. 

I live two totally different lives, as soon as I step off the plane, I become the 'other person' Wife, Mum, cook, babysitter, cleaner and the brain has to compute on a different plane. It has its difficulities.

I've given myself a couple of days off before I begin a 'special' quilt so in the mean time I can also catch up on appointments,  grocery shopping and cooking the meals.  Tonight we had Asian lamb marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic and star anise….. It was cooked in the slow cooker and served with noodles and asian greens….. Yum. 3 months of not being in control of the kitchen is also difficult.



special gift rom Miss Linda, it will it on my desk.





books and files.



I have a mountain of paperwork to go through, books and magazines arrived while I was away, contracts need close scrutiny and I admit to being in the studio in the wee hours working through the pile and filing. 2018 is my cut off point right now. I'm not committing to 2019.


I unpacked a couple of bags today and four more boxes should arrive home soon. One is just full of the quilts I purchased on my trip.



One of my purchases

Another beauty.



Gorgeous Orange

I had to pick up a prescription so the Dr decided to take my blood pressure yesterday…. don't you love it… for petes sake, I've just got off the plane. Huh, it was perfect. I know the Drs have our welfare at heart… but she did get a surprise. !!!!                One of my big computers had to have a bit of a revamp. I use a Mac and the latest Maverick slows it down due to its running composition. So that was a priority today and I relish the purchase of some of our locally made goats cheese from Woodside. Goats cheese in Lemon Myrtle…. its a taste to die for.Related articles

Still quilting.
Its hard to keep grounded.
The story behind the quilt.
A very detailed quilt.


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