I'm writing this as I eat breakfast. Its early morning and the sun is shining in the window of the cafe. I've just enjoyed several coffees and huevos rancheros and it was delicious.


I personally had a little stand off with the waitress. She gave us a table about 2 ft X 2 ft. 

"Can I have a larger table please" I asked.

her reply…. “no, we have a lot of people in”

I saw a lot of other free tables, and single people at larger tables, so I turned on my heel and took my leave to get my IPad and she panicked a little and gave us a larger table.

Thank you possum. Don't mess with the gal in red today.   Keithy has just lost his fit bit, so I'm pretending no to mind, but don't give me a small table.

I was born in Launceston Tasmania. My Fathers' parents have strong connections to the foundation of the state. I can walk down streets designed by my relatives. I can go to the art gallery and see paintings by rather famous relatives…. and of course I have Aunts, Uncles and cousins living here.

 Tasmania is an Island of incredible beauty and I was 10 years old when we left. I compared everything to this place that I loved. We shifted to a barren, hot, dust storm prone city on the mainland but being the eldest in our family I remember Launceston more favorably.   

I loved the smell of the hedge near my Nannas house. Privit, I think it was. I loved the blue skies and the crisp air. Swimming in the bathers made by my Mum at St Helens and driving there in the neighbours old car with a dickie seat. Learning the violin and walking to class to save the bus money to buy an iceblock on the way back to school.

Family parties where we played games and laughed at the antics of our Uncles. Music, singing and wonderful food. I remember my Nanna's laugh.

I do remember it being bitterly cold in winter. I jumped on the ice in the puddles on the way to school.

My class was in a little old church on the main road and our Teacher, a maiden lady with stereotype cartoon looks was mean. I had chilblains from the cold and she would hit us on the chilblains to inflict more pain.

She picked on the girls who resided at the "Orphange' near the school. Easily identifiable by their everyday uniforms she seemed to single them out for her anger. One day, she was beating one of the girls with a ruler and I blindly flew at her, I jumped in between her and the girl and she stopped abruptly. I was about 8 years old and I stood my ground with my hands in front of me and calmly telling her to 'stop' I told her she was mean and cruel.  

Expecting a backlash, I was surprised that we sort of held a truce. She never hit me or the Navy blue Uniform girls.

She never looked me in the eyes again.

My Mother told me I was bad to have intervened…. but to me it was an awakening and the beginning of my journey from innocence to unfairness in the world.



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