Family, friends and fantastic fowl.

Time spent with friends and family is a gift, so our gifts were multiplied over the past four days.

We visited with wonderful people who  are  humble, thankful and thoughtful.

Young people who have grown up into  adults to be proud of.

Older folks who have a wealth of life experiences and  stories that make you smile and say "Goodness, I didn't know that"

What a treat.

I barely put pen to paper in a creative way, I didn't meet my exercise goals, but I did gain a wealth of ideas and ideals.

We walked around the Gorge yesterday. I love it in summer and it holds memories of my childhood and the special times we spent with our children there. One of the  favored  places was on  the suspension bridge and we had great delight is jumping and swinging it, scaring the people who were trying to cross.






The peacocks  that roam wild and capture your imagination with their brilliant plumes and the daffodill fields will be in bloom next week. stunning.



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