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I see exciting posts today from folks who have notification of their quilt winning 'something' in Houston. Its one of those things that warm the heart.

I see well known quilting names, and then there are the names of  the gal next door, that's what's so great about 'Houston'

Everyone is equal in this game. You might win in one show and then not even place with the same quilt in another.

I know what its like waiting for the day of the announcements to arrive, its so exciting and an absolute honor to have a quilt honored in the show… Well even in the show!

Congratulations everyone, you sure deserve it.

When you hear the voice on the other end of the phone say that you are in the top 'x' and you need to be in Houston  your heart stops, your breath catches in your throat and you think your heart is going to burst in your chest.

What do you do when you put the phone down from a call like that? I imagine its like getting one of those lottery phone calls. I know I walked around in a daze for the morning I didn't even have the strength to get out of my jamas for a few hours.

My win was tinged with a great deal of personal sadness so in a way I was robbed of part of the joy right at that time.

At this time of year I reflect both, the excitement of doing well in Houston and the trauma of losing our daughter in law in a tragic accident. Our son bears the scars both mentally and physically after being terribly injured and so I just put the quilt away and it comes out on special occasions. I don't look at the quilt with sadness, I had 3 years of happiness making it, I don't know, its just sad sometimes.

There are other stories about being a quilt competitor that are in my manuscript.  Will I put it out warts and all… don't know just yet! 

I have a couple of quilts in this year in special exhibitions, both are being given away. (one in the silent auction if you wish to bid for it.)

On the other hand I had a fabulous day working with my PA today. I can go away relaxed now having to worry about preparing things for the next few trips, we've almost done it all.

She's also embarking on a new venture for us both…. so we are really excited. Sort of jumping actually. (It doesn't take much when you're a quilter.)



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  1. Sue Wood says:

    Pam, I got excited years ago when I was asked to send my quilt interstate for judging. I was in tears of excitement all day at the thought. It all came to nothing, but it was a thrill for me.

  2. Pam says:

    Sue, bless your heart. It is exciting – even just at the prospect of being accepted as the creator of a special quilt. The act of competing is nerve racking for me. I was often ‘encouraged by family and friends to enter. Most of the time I was very lucky, the judges smiled favorably, and of course I was thrilled, but I cant do that any more, my interests are more with the excitement of creating something that I enjoy.
    Pam Holland
    Tutor, Author, Illustrator, Designer, Judge, Photographer, Textile Artist, Quilter.
    Author of The amazing Alphabet and 1776, Heartache, Heritage and Happiness.
    Nominated for ICAP 2014 Professional Teacher of the Year.
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  3. Susan S says:

    Congratulations on getting the call even though it is so bitter sweet

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