Creating the extraordinary out of the ordinary with your small digital camera.

I walked 7 miles, ate a little too much, and now its almost 8:00 pm and I’m ready for bed.
It’s actually 2.30 am at home so it’s no wonder I’m tired.

I’m off to France tomorrow.

Today I concentrated on making the extraordinary out of the ordinary.

It was 40 degrees and a little too hot to walk in the desert so I walked in a small desert and got sand in my sandals and then relaxed in the cool in the Dubai Mall.
I love capturing images of the windows and making something special out of them.
I was only using my small camera. However, I know its limitations and its plusses.
I’m still able to capture the moment. I love the photo of the men at the table. The red table is such a contrast to their dishdasha (white garments) Then again, the textured floor is wonderful against that round seat. Two men sitting one in western clothing the other in Middle Eastern. But there is little difference, both are on their phones.
Then there are the decorations…. millions of paper butterflies hanging from the ceiling.They take your breath away with their beauty. They sway gently in the breeze, ever moving,making it a magical place to be.
Then off to the train station. I went in the Women only carriage. What a fabulous idea.
I shot a lot of video today too but that has to wait.
Taking photos inspires me to be more creative. Its an absolute delight

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  1. I just tried this on an outdoor picnic table for my daughter and it looks great! We let her select a deep paint color at our local big box home improvement store and purchased 2 sample pots of indoor/outdoor flat paint ($6). I took the advice of another commentor and made a grout slurry with a bit of water before adding the paint. Now she can sit and color outdoors

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