Designing as I travel

I flew over Cairo, Italy, the deserts of Africa and the suez canal.

I had amazing views and of course I documented it all.

That part of the trip was rather lovely but the next 10 hours were a bit of  a strain.

Long delays, long lines, very hot, no aircon and no where to sit.

However, even though I’ve woken to  a misty morning here in Northern France I have great anticipation at driving through the country side on my own and the camera will be working overtime.



I had stunning views



However, I while raveling and waiting took the opportunity to prepare ideas for new textile pieces.

First of all I worked in EQ7 to create a new pattern for a design I made some 12 years ago.

This is a new Kimono pattern and it might replace the old one. I need to refine the block, but I quite like it. I like the continuation of color and line on the filler block. Sashiko quilting on the blue…woow it would look super.



The new kimono pattern… I quite like the setting as well, then again it depends on the fabric and the quilting..


The images below are watercolors, done in the computer of photos that I had taken over the last few days, the orange one in Dubai. I’m visualizing a black thread sketch of one of the Mosques I photographed and sketched last year. I will have the fabric printed and it will be ready for me when I get home. The other one is of the desert at we were flying yesterday, it was on the top of Africa and I also have a plan for this piece. I will also send it to be digitally printed on fabric.

P1070658Of course the sketch book is an essential part of travel and I did a journal entry using my flight ticket and a bit of imagination. 

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