I almost felt like yodeling but I refrained.

Yesterday was sort of a free day. I did work early, but took time off to relax a little.

My Translator/assistant suggested that I visit the area of Colmar and I figured I needed to ignore the fact that I am driving a manual car and that the city was accessed across the mountains with turns like the devils elbow.

GPS primed I took off. Up the hills, round the bends and each turn bought forth amazing scenery.

The problem is there is no place to stop and take photos.
I only managed to make one stop.

It doesn’t capture the uniqueness of this countryside, but I will say that as I stepped out of the car the air was crystal clear only punctuated by the sounds of cow bells. I almost felt like Heidi. I almost felt like yodeling but I refrained.


It only took an hour and a half and the GPS didn’t really prepare me for the twists and turns prior to the trip. I found out en route!
However, it was a wonderful experience. I drove past small villages, fields of corn and rows the most amazing vistas of grape vines.
For a foreigner who doesn’t speak French I thought it was going to be difficult to find a park, but I recognized the big blue ‘P’ and found a park quite quickly.
I feel so clever when I achieve something that pushes me to the limit. “Well done Pammie”
First stop was Unter Linden Musee – Colmar.
The museum is renowned for its collection of paintings and sculptures from the middle ages and the Renaissance.

Right now the museum is undergoing renovations so I didn’t get to view many of the paintings but the plans shown will make it a destination for the artistic.
You walk on cobblestone streets, goodness knows how long they have been there. 
Look up and the buildings appear to lear out of their foundations over hanging the road and beckoning you to investigate further
It was lunch time and I decided to choose a restaurant, which one? I was spoiled for choice. There was a group playing music outside of one and that influenced my decision.
Sitting there in the sun in the presence of a magnificent Cathedral, French voices playing into the air. The music of talented musicians and the clink of glasses as the patrons enjoyed their meal and the passing parade of people and dogs.
It was almost too much to bare, but I did it with flare.
That’s about as much as I can write this morning, I will finish this afternoon but right now I have a class to prepare for.

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  1. Alexia says:

    You should have yodeled!!
    Thank you for these superb pictures of our region, and I’m still laughing at your comments! I had a great experience being at your side during that class and I hope we will meet again. Take care.
    Your devoted interpretor!

  2. Wow! I am truly impressed by the way you detailed out everything. It’s actually going to help me quite a bit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts so clearly.

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