As the days go by.

The days have  been very full.

I taught all day on Thursday and the students were very enthusiastic. Its different working with an interpreter However, we worked well together and the students responded positively.
We had two large rooms to work in and everyone achieved a small quilt.
We had a wonderful lunch served by a very vivacious restaurant owner who hawked her new menu’s for the next few days to the entire assembled group. She spoke so passionately about her food it was a joy to watch.
These images are some of the class images and the view from the window.
I had a wonderful time.
These are images of class, the interesting things in the room and I love the lattice fence outside.

A few images from the Iryna Fomina exhibition

This exhibition was held in a church nearby and I wandered in late in the day. Her work is very interesting and I enjoy the perspective of others in this tradition of Textile art.
The day finished in a fun fashion with friends and frog pie.

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