A special celebration of quilts.

PictureArtist, Christine Peyret-Gaudinot – France

To celebrate its 20 year existence the EPM organized a wonderful retrospective exhibition of artists who have participated in the event in the past. Each artist presented a quilt from the past and their new work. There were around 180 quilts on show. I photographed probably half of them. 
There was something for everyones taste. 
The ones I share are my favorites and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to see them up close.

This is the art of Lia Fleming – Belgium. These are sculptural pieces hanging from the ceiling of the venue.

Blow is the art of Christine Peyret-Gaudinot. France.

I was also fascinated by this work by Liz Maidment.France/UK
Created by Anco Brouwers – Pays-Bas (NL)
I believe this quilt was made by a number of artists, but I couldn’t read the French description.

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  1. I am a great admirer of your work which I appreciate very much.
    Also your pictures are wonderful- let us walk with you while you travel, so we can join you in your experiences. Thank you for sharing all these beautiful things.
    Regards from Majorca

  2. Truly like it, I want being so appealing excellent posting Share to more and more people come to respect.

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