Rome, I’m working on it.

I’ve been in Rome 24 hours and I think it funny, my room is  the size of a box. You can just imagine my face when he showed me my room last night. I sort of spluttered…. And I paid for an executive room!!

The internet doesn’t work in the room either. I sort of got an idea that there was a problem when everyone was in the lobby with their computers.

‘Free Wi fi’ in the rooms it advertises.

 I mentioned the problem to the man behind the desk this morning. ‘Why doesn’t it work’?  He asked. 

“I guess there is no internet”. I said.

“But why is there no internet”? He said sharply.

“I have no idea” I said in surprise. (Sort of it's your hotel honey, not mine)

An hour later he said I should move toward the door to get better internet…!!! The door is very close to this little desk… what do I do lean on the door handle?

He then offered to shift me to a room with real internet. 

BUT I weighed up the fact that I actually have a one of two large balconies in the hotel. My door opens out and it makes the room larger just by the fact I can use that space and sit in the sun and listen and watch Rome below.


Part of my view.




So the lobby it is for communication and business.

 Why am I here in Rome?

I’m here by invitation of the US Embassy to the opening of an exhibition ‘World without Hunger’ for the United Nations. I am proud to be part of the exhibition. 

Timing is crucial, because I have to fly home Tuesday and get home Wednesday on (on my birthday actually) for the opening  of the AMQC quilt event in Adelaide

It promises to be a great show and this evening I’m actually working on my after dinner presentation.

 Class is full and it will be an exciting adventure in the art of thread painting.

 Bless my amazing Personal Assistant Roz, she has kept the notes and requests coming and all is prepared for the next four programs. 

 Houston, Cruise to the Caribbean and then McCalls  Quiling, Safari in Africa. The good thing is that Keith will be coming with me.

I do believe I’m going to be home for all of December and January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

 I still have a lot share from the Show in France, the Australian Exhibition was outstanding and I took photos and video of it all.

 I loved the Russian Fashion Parade and the other exhibitions.


Folk costumes worn by their creators.

I’ll get round to it eventually but tomorrow I’m walking in Rome.

 My friend Luana arrives tomorrow night and we have lots to catch up on.




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  1. Mary Ellen says:

    I had a similar problem with a hotel room in Italy. Advertised air conditioning, but it was so warm and the tiny flow from the 6″ X 4″ single grate in the room was laughable. I asked for a fan and they were aghast. Italians (and lots of other Europeans) still labor under the idea that moving area is not healthy. Suggestion: only stay in large American-style hotels (such as Marriott) if the amenities are important to you. If you want ambiance, though, you will want something more authentic. Of course, there will be a financial cost to the chain hotels.

  2. Mary Ellen says:

    Should read “moving air” not “moving area.”

  3. Pam says:

    I agree Mary Ellen.
    I admit to stay in the Hilton most of the time, but this time it was booked out.!
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    Tutor, Author, Illustrator, Designer, Judge, Photographer, Textile Artist, Quilter.
    Author of The amazing Alphabet and 1776, Heartache, Heritage and Happiness.
    Nominated for ICAP 2014 Professional Teacher of the Year.
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