Creating textile art from your holiday snaps!




I'm in Rome and I experience so much visual inspiration. I imagine many of you have been in the same situation but wonder how you transfer what you see to a creative art piece, be it in fabric, photographic or on paper.

I like to take a sequence of images to tell the story. I delight in the moment and I try to capture that moment to celebrate an everyday occurrence. By paying attention and respect to minor things I can raise them to a higher level, one that we can all respect and enjoy.

I look at situations, I look at color combinations, I look at the unusual, (such as a pigeon on a revered statue's head) Statues wrapped in plastic displaying their nudity.

Almost everyday, there are moments to capture.

Do I want to transfer that to fabric?

Absolutely, but I need to work out whether I want to merely decorate the surface or reinforce the theme in a particular sort of way. Each element used in my image needs to reinforce the message.

I will begin some drawings tonight and share my ideas with you.

Its difficult to add images to my blog right now due to the lack of determined internet but I will do my best.  Some of them are up on my FB page



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