Capturing color.

I began my day with great enthusiasm and walked about a mile from my hotel to Piazza Venizia. The plan was to look at the small hidden gems that are not on the normal tourist lists.

 The church of San Marcello al Corso, I actually passed it first without realizing the magnificence behind its doors. There were only one or two people visiting and the tourist throng were passing by.

It dates back to early Christian times even earlier than 418 AD

My tour took me to many significant churches tucked down colorful narrow cobblestone streets. The biggest surprise of all was the gallery of Palazzo Colonna and my walk was co-ordinated with it's opening on Saturdays. Palazzo, means palace and the eternal entrance gave no clue to the sheer majesty behind the door.

Rome is full of surprises and I delighted in the day. I made sketches, captured colors and images, in all it was a creative day.



The color palette I collected today from one painting alone.

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