Roaming Rome. Why I take the photos I do……

Before I begin… almost all of my photos are taken with the idea of creating Textile Art.
I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a goal in life, Considering I have some 100,000 photos I’m going to be busy for a long time.
When I photograph the buildings I want to create illustrations and  in Rome, I loved the textures and colors of the buildings. 
I love the sun, the rain and the light on the cobblestones and shadows.

In all I took over 2000 photos, I edit them, but keep most of them.



Of course I enjoy capturing people too.
It’s rather embarrassing for my friends traveling with me  because I snap people from all angles, BUT, I don’t let them subjects see me.

I capture images in a series to tell a story.traveling

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  1. gale wrigley says:

    I learned SO MUCH from this brief post! Having the explanation in the first few lines completely changed how I looked at the pictures. Isn’t it funny how small things happen? As usual, beautiful pictures, Pam!

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