“you’re a breath of fresh air”


Sheer Joy

I'm sitting in the Qantas Club in Adelaide and I find that after the last 3 very hectic weeks I now have the time to write my blog.

The club is  quiet and relaxed, there's a gentle hum of conversation floating on the surface of the ceiling  punctuated by the sound of clashing dishes and the harsh mash as the coffee  machine is forced into service.

Its been a whirlwind trip home, full of inspiration, fabulous conversation with the grandies and time spent  up with our children, their families and our friends.

"You're a breath of fresh air" said Roz, my PA to Mr Kaiden aged 3 as helped us with our fabric dying project. 

"whew" he said as he exhaled demonstratively. "There's plenty more in my tummy. I'll share as much as you need" he said with an exaggerated flip of the hands and blinking eyes.

Asked yesterday if he still was a breath of fresh air…."No he said, I've used it all up, but I do have eyebrows" 

Gees Louise, you have to love it.

He thinks he's indispensable in the studio and that we can't work without his assistance and of course I make him very sure he's the most important helper there is.

I've completed two projects and planned another, I'll not have much time to go further with it until I get home in December.


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